Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life-Threatening Superstorm to Slam West Alaska

The National Weather Service in Alaska states that an historic hurricane-force storm system is moving into the Bering Sea on Tuesday. The storm, which is forecast to have sustained winds of 80 mph over an area the size of Colorado, is also predicted to produce storm surge effects on the Alaskan coast 8 to 10 feet above normal water levels. The Alaskan city of Nome is in its path.

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The central pressure could fall to as low as an astounding 940 millibars.

In comparison, the lowest pressure ever recorded in the western hemisphere was 882mb (26.05in) from Hurricane Wilma, in 2005.  The average central pressure of hurricanes is 950mb (28.05in).

The pressure at sea level, by the way, is 1013.25mb (29.92in).

The lowest sea level pressure recorded in a non-tropical (extratropical) storm at any United States certified observing station was 927 millibars (27.35”), recorded at Dutch Harbor, Alaska on October 25, 1977.