Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A couple reasons why I believe in feminism/why feminism is important

  • Women have been oppressed and treated like property since the beginning of time, including in the bible where you could trade your  daughter for some pigs OR if your daughter was raped when she was a virgin, she has to MARRY THE MAN WHO RAPED HER and the rapist pays her father silver for the privilege.
  • Women are paid less than men.  In fact, they make between 74% and 81% of what men of any race or ethnicity earn. (x) (x)
  • Women currently have to pay higher health insurance premiums than men.  This will change when the Affordable Care Act goes into effect.  The ACA will also make sure that women will not have to pay for preventive care such as pap smears, cancer screenings, STI testing, or mammograms. (x) (x)
  • In addition to paying out of pocket for preventive care and paying more for insurance while earning less money, women also have to pay for things specific to their bodies: bras and pads or tampons.  Bras because we can’t possibly let our boobs sag everywhere, goodness no!  Good bras can cost anywhere from $10-100, especially if you’re busty or plus-size.  I am both, and my bras usually cost at least $40.  Then there’s the pads/tampons, which you have to buy every month for at least twenty years, usually more.  If we didn’t, we’d have blood and uterine lining flowing down our legs for a week!
  • Then we can talk about sexualization of women in the media, like those Hardee’s commercials, or, or multitudes of others!  But when we turn the tables on the men, like with Kraft’s Zesty salad dressing commercials, there’s a complete uproar!
  • And then there’s the rape culture, which is a whole blog post in itself, but suffice to say men try to redefine what rape is, refuse to report it, pretend that it isn’t an epidemic and that one in ten college males will have raped someone by the time they graduate, and refuse to offer abortion or Plan B to a rape victim, because “a woman’s body has ways of shutting that process down” or “rape is a blessing from God.” NO.  NO.  (I will take a moment now to acknowledge that women commit rape, too.  However, it is much more prevalent among men. (What is rape culture?) (x)
  • Finally, there’s the policing of women’s bodies.  This figures into the abortion debate, the pro-life vs. pro-choice.  It’s my body.  My choice.  You don’t have a uterus, you’re not caring for a child once it’s born, you’re not carrying it for nine months while it feeds off you like a parasite (side note I don’t think all children are parasites). The thing that pisses me off the most about pro-lifers is that they’re only pro-life until the child is born. Then they couldn’t care less.  I want the right to make my own decisions about my own body without being prosecuted, persecuted, ridiculed, or even jailed.  I want the ability to make a decision that will affect my health and the health of my child without the law breathing down my neck.  I want the ability to experience an unfortunate but natural part of life and not have to go to jail for something that I had no control over.
  • I want equality.  I don’t want to establish a matriarchy (though that would be cool).  What I want is the ability to walk down the street and not hear cat-calls, to walk down the street without fear that any man might drag me away and rape me.  I want to be secure in my own skin, secure in my surroundings, to not be sexually harassed and have it brushed off by a superior.  I want the same rights as men, the same pay, the same rank in society.  I want EQUALITY.
ETA: Added a couple links to the end of the rape culture bulletpoint. I can’t believe this has as many notes as it does.


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